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Senior Chicken | Premium Poultry Treat Old Aging Chickens | 14 oz


Senior Chicken | Premium Poultry Treat Old Aging Chickens | 14 oz

  • “Don’t lay as many eggs as I used to”….”Eat your Senior chicken treats Henrietta!” Senior chickens need more protein and calcium!
  • Pamper your hard working hens with high protein mealworms, and our Super Bug Berry Pellet.
  • Chili peppers for an extra dose of vitamins and antioxidants, which are good for heart and nervous system health.
  • Oregano flakes for the well-being of your flock as it acts as a natural antibiotic.
  • Feeding directions: hand feed to make your chickens more friendly, sprinkle on the ground, or place in a dish, after complete feed as a natural, health protein snack your chickens will LOVE so much they’ll come running for more!
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Origin: China


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Senior Chicken | Premium Poultry Treat for Older Aging Chickens in Reusable Shaker | 14 oz

Chickens love this holistic snack high in Omega 3’s and crafted specifically for senior chickens.

Includes our strawberry bug pellet, which is high in protein, fat and fiber.

Chili peppers: because aging chickens can benefit from the antioxidants, helps increase egg production, and they help eliminate parasites; plus, the birds aren’t bothered by the pepper heat!

Also oregano, which is a natural antibiotic to help keep your chickens healthy.

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