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Poultry Pro Feeder 3-Pack DIY Kit

Poultry Pro Feeder 3-Pack DIY Kit

EASY INSTALL: Super easy installation, No additional hardware needed. This DIY Chicken Feeder comes with a 3 inch Hole Saw so that you can install your port feeder in minutes.

VERSATILE: Use with ANY container. Our adaptable port feeders can be used for buckets, bins, barrels, boxes, you name it. We make the homesteader’s life easy with our truly DIY feeder. Use our feeder with whatever you’ve got in the garage.

DURABLE: Weather resistant design, Strongest connection/seal, Deters rodents & vermin. The Poultry Pro Feeder is designed to keep food dry and fresh no matter the weather conditions. No more soggy feed or pesky rodents.

SMART DESIGN: Automatic/gravity fed Port Feeder. As a fellow homesteader, I wanted to create a feeder that checks all the boxes. The Poultry Pro feeder does just that. It is designed so that gravity does the work, allowing feed to be accessible to your poultry but without spillage or mess.

BPA Free and Food Grade: Our DIY Feeder is designed to be high quality, food grade, and BPA Free.

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Origin: China


The Poultry Pro Feeder by Riverbend Homestead comes with 3 complete feeders with the hole saw and bit included!

Simple, quick and easy installation.

Durable and weatherproof design, means the only reason you’ll need to get another feeder, is because you got more chickens!

Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in
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