Poultry Drinker Heater Base for Chicken Waterer Founts | Deicer Heated Base


  • Avoid frozen drinkers with this drinker heater. Keeps drinkers unfrozen up to -20 degrees F.
  • Adjustable to any drinker thanks to the supplied (yellow) brackets.
  • The inside is insulated with 15mm PU which leads all the warmth to the top!
  • Very safe in utilization due to the use of low tension. This drinker heater has a power of 28Watt.
  • Steady continual warmth to keep correct temperature and not get too hot. Non-faulty thermostat.
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This poultry drinker heater keeps drinkers unfrozen up to -20 degrees F.

Adjustable brackets for drinker founts up to 11.5 inches (30cm) in diameter.

100% heat efficiency by perfect insulation.

Safe low voltage (24vDC) including adapter and long cable (7.5ft). 100% safe low voltage.

Tip: Works best with shorter drinkers as taller drinkers may freeze toward the top (farther from the heat source at the bottom).