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Poultry Bayonet Drinker Waterer 6L / 1.5 Gallon, Green

Poultry Bayonet Drinker Waterer 6L / 1.5 Gallon, Green

Fresh drinking water is of vital importance to poultry.  This bayonet drinker offers chickens a simple access to fresh drinking water.

  • Reliable solid bayonet fitting and easy to refill.
  • Hens will drink .5 Liter of water per day on average, so this drinker will provide 4 chickens with about 3 days of water.
  • Constructed of extra sturdy PP-Copolymer plastic, (nearly) unbreakable, with UV-protection.  BPA free.
  • Easy to hang or leave on the floor.
  • Clear capacity indication with opaque white container.
  • Made in the Netherlands.


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Origin: Netherlands


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A bayonet drinker is one of the most popular poultry drinking systems.

It is easy to refill, and has legs on the top so that the container is steady while filling with water.  Simply unlock the bayonet fitting, put the drinker upside down, fill it up with water and relock the drinker.

The drinker can be positioned on the floor or hanging on a cord and is very easy to use by the chickens.

In addition, this can be used outside due to the UV-resistant nature of this BPA-free plastic.  The choice of material also make this drinking trough resistant to the freezing cold.  Both in summer and winter, this hassle-free bayonet drinker will provide fresh drinking water for your poultry.

Made in the Netherlands.


Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 8 in
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