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Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack

Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack

Brand: Nite Guard
Origin: USA


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Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack
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Nite Guard Solar®

  • Solar Powered
  • Completely Weatherproof
  • Mother Earth Friendly
  • Safe for People; Pets & Livestock
  • Activates at dusk, flashes all night, every night.
  • Stops Intruders.  Appears as a Security Camera.
  • Will last non-stop for 3 years once activated.

Protection against nighttime predator animals.

“Nite Guard Solar® has been proven effective in repelling predator animals through overwhelming evidence from testing by tens of thousands of users.  Nite Guard Solar attacks the deepest most primal fear of night animals—that of being discovered. A simple but effective flash of light is sensed as an eye, becoming an immediate threat to the most ferocious night animals.  Nite Guard Solar can be used for diverse purposes, including protecting poultry, livestock, gardens, vineyards, orchards, ponds, cabins, campsites, pets, and property. Automatically activated at dusk, Nite Guard Solar’s red flashing light aggressively threatens predators. Quickly frightened away, these nighttime nuisances never return again.”

Use Nite Guard Solar® to protect:

poultry and livestock
gardens, vineyards, and orchards
cabins, campsites, and property

Limited Warranty: Any defective light can be returned for up to one year after purchase with proof of purchase to process the replacement.  The units are sealed against extreme weather conditions and all internal components are silicone encased, there is no way to repair Nite Guard Solar lights.  The life of the light is an average of 3 years with continuous use.

*Nite Guard is not affiliated with the ChickenGuard company.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in
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