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Mountable Self-filling Poultry Drinker, Green, 12L

Mountable Self-filling Poultry Drinker, Green, 12L

  • Wall mounted drinker
  • Easy access drinker – with a raised drinker reservoir, access to the drinker is much easier for birds, leading to them drinking more often
  • Safe clean water – raised drinker prevents contamination from wild birds and rodents accessing the water
  • Rain cover prevents contamination from falling debris and wild bird droppings, helping to reduce the risks of bird flu (avian influenza) contamination and other diseases
  • The rain cover will also help to keep the water cool and therefore more palatable for the birds
  • The cover and design greatly improves the efficiency of medicated water by providing protection from UV light which destroys the active ingredients.  So no more over medicating the water to compensate, saving you money
  • Reflective area on front of drinker shows movement of water, encouraging birds to drink
  • Main surface area of drinker exterior is matt to reduce stress for timid birds
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Versatile drinker – suitable for all breeds of poultry and game birds
  • Inlet design prevents back flowing of water into the tank from drinker bowl
  • Easy fill – cap is angled to assist refilling
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This innovative wall mounted drinker will make life easier for all poultry and game keepers and will help minimize/prevent contamination from wild birds and pests. A fantastic drinker to help protect your birds from bird flu (avian influenza) and other diseases.

Can be mounted to a wall, hardware cloth, or cage.

Flip top lid makes it easy to clean, discourages algae growth, and allows for mixing electrolytes and supplements into the water.

Holds up to 12L or 3.1 gallons.

Will support 5 chickens with fresh water for up to 5 days.

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions22 × 14 × 11 in
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