Manna Pro Hen Healer Multi-Purpose Ointment, 2 Oz, Helps Support Healing


  • 2-ounce jar Hen Healer ointment.
  • Wound treatment for all classes of poultry.
  • Helps support healing of cuts, sores, chapping and dry skin.
  • Hen Healer is made with lanolin and beeswax to form a protective barrier over wounds.
  • Can be used on body, legs, head, face, comb and wattles to keep affected areas soft and supple while keeping out insects and dirt.
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For use on all classes of poultry. For body, legs, head, face, comb and wattles. Temporarily protects and helps support healing of minor cuts, lacerations, scraps and sores. Keeps affected areas soft and supple. Creates a barrier to insects and dirt.


Clean the affected areas thoroughly and apply a thick coat at least once daily. Repeat as needed. With lanolin and beeswax.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in