Henny+Roo Organic Omega-3 Forage Seeds for Poultry


Henny+Roo Organic Omega-3 Poultry Forage Seeds can be served to birds as dry seeds or sprouted. They can be sown outside in an area where poultry forages, or sprouted indoors and fed to poultry in their run.  


A diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids helps your health by lowering triglycerides, lessening stiffness and joint pain, and lowering depression and inflammation. Increase the level of Omega 3 in the eggs your hens lay by feeding them a diet rich in Omega 3’s.

Henny+Roo Organic Omega 3 Poultry Forage Seeds can be used to grow nutrient rich plants in your yard, or sprouted indoors for a healthy treat.

Includes rye seeds, flax seeds, red clover seeds, and alfalfa seeds – all certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

16 oz. resealable bag.