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Hemp Chicken Coop Bedding

Hemp Chicken Coop Bedding


  • Biodegradable, compostable, renewable, and sustainable
  • 4 times more absorbent than traditional pine shavings bedding
  • Low dust, no added chemicals, safe for pets and the environment
  • Reduces ammonia odors, less acidic and decomposes faster
  • Perfect for deep litter method chicken coop bedding practices
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Origin: USA

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North American grown premium natural hemp bedding for chicken coops, nest boxes, chick brooders, small animal cages and more!

Absorbent: Reduces ammonia and unwanted smells in your chicken coop, brooder, or small animal cage.  Hemp chicken coop bedding can absorb up to 4-5 times its weight making it twice as absorbent as pine shavings, animal wood chip bedding, or straw. Also lasts much longer than conventional bedding, making it an economical choice!

Hemp is Safe: Minimal dust and natural with no added preservatives or chemicals.

Compostable: Great renewable resource that can be added to the compost pile to create nutrient rich soil for the garden.

Easy to use: Use as chicken coop bedding and perfect for deep litter method. One bag can cover a 40 sq. ft. coop floor with about 1.5” layer of bedding.  This 5 cubic ft. bale can also cover approximately 30 sq. ft. with 2″ of bedding, or 15 sq. ft. with 4″ of bedding, or 10 sq. ft. with 6″ of bedding. The 10lb box is approximately 1 cuft.

Weights may vary due to moisture content, but volume will be the same. 5 cu ft for the 33lb bag, and 1 cu ft for the 10lb box.


10-lb/1cuft, 33-lb/5cuft

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