Grubblies – Wholesome USA-Grown, Non-GMO Treat for Chickens


  • Healthier Feathers: Packed with protein, Grubblies promote healthy feather production and speed up molting to allow hens to regain normal levels of energy and egg output.
  • Stronger Eggshells: With 50x more calcium than mealworms, a handful of Grubblies aids in the prevention of deformed eggs, and promotes stronger shells that won’t break before getting to the kitchen. A nutritious snack that treats right back.
  • Safer for Your Chickens: Oven-dried Black Soldier Fly grubs, Farm-grown in the USA under USDA regulations. No additives. No preservatives. 100% natural. Also great for ducks, turkeys and other fowl.
  • Delivers Daily Nutrients: Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Fiber, Lysine, Dietary Fat. – Unlike mealworms, Grubblies provide an optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio of 3:1. Also great for ducks, turkeys and other fowl.
  • Encourages Natural Feeding Behavior: An all-natural daily snack of Grubblies encourages chickens to forage for food, providing them with a wider variety of all-natural nutrients as they scratch at grasses, leaves and other insects.
Grubblies - A Nutritious Daily Snack for Happier Healthier Chickens

Grown in the USA

Grubblies are farm-grown
and oven-dried at FDA-approved grub farms in the United States.
0% China-grown. 100% Safe!

Stronger Eggshells

One handful of Grubblies has
more calcium than 5 pounds of
mealworms for healthier eggs.
Get more cluck for your buck!

Healthier Feathers

Protein-packed Grubblies
help chickens grow strong,
healthy, beautiful feathers.
Essential when molting!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions N/A

8 oz, 1 lb, 5 lb