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First Saturday Lime® Eco-Friendly Insect Pest Control Repellent Barrier

First Saturday Lime® Eco-Friendly Insect Pest Control Repellent Barrier

  • As seen on Shark Tank, April 10th 2020 on ABC.  Monthly Eco-Friendly Insect Barrier – The healthy alternative to pesticides. Pour around the base of your home once a month for easy, safe, effective insect control.
  • Safe (when used as directed) for Children, Pets and Organic Farming.
  • Preferred by customers who want a non-silica based solution. Removes and prevents algae from ponds and birdbaths.
  • Apply in animal bedding as a repellent for mites, lice and odor causing bacteria.
  • 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee! Repels ticks, fleas, gnats, ants, biting bugs, garden pests, wood-boring insects, and more.
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Origin: USA

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First Saturday Lime® is a backyard flock owner and gardener’s preferred natural pest control!

Here are the reasons why:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Eco-Friendly.  Patent-pending.
  • Just pour around the base of your home, chicken coop, or raised garden beds once a month for insect control.
  • Safe for children, pets, animals and organic farming. (Product not intended for human use or consumption.)
  • Treats ants, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, aphids, small hive beetles, mosquitoes in water and more.
  • Safe alternative for customers seeking a non-silica based product.
  • Control algae growth in water bowls, pans, troughs, bird baths, and more.
  • A safe, naturally protective barrier with multiple uses that include chicken coops, stables, barns, kennels, gardens, sheds, and more.
  • Use as a limewash for walls, crafts, coops, fruit, and trees
How does FSL work?

It is a super strong formula derived from eco-friendly products. It has the ability to dry out insects, eggs and larvae by clogging up the spiracles insects use to breathe and eventually dehydrating them. It creates an inhospitable place for insects to reproduce and thus they leave the area. It is effective as a treatment for infestations, as well as a prevention.

Which insects does FSL repel?

Our product can be used on any insects with an exoskeleton. This includes but not limited to ants, fleas, ticks, mites, lice, aphids, beetles, etc. It also can be used to prevent mosquito growth in water troughs and ponds. Also, many bee farms use our product under their hives to prevent small hive beetles.

Freshen and deodorize chicken coops, stables, barns and kennels

Control moisture, insects and odor by sprinkling 1/8″ of product across bedding.  Product can be used on top or under mats.  Increase amount until reaching desired effect.  May be used as a dustbath.


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