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Feedomatic Automatic Chicken Treadle Feeder

Feedomatic Automatic Chicken Treadle Feeder

  • Made in the Netherlands, this treadle feeder is of the highest quality construction and will provide a tremendous cost savings.
  • When your chickens step onto the treadle platform, the Feedomatic opens the lid allowing your chickens to feed.  When they step off, the lid closes and pests, like mice, rats and wild birds, can’t get to the feed.
  • The Feedomatic is available in a 25lb and in a 40lb capacity model.  Due to the great feed storage capacity, you will save time as you will not have to refill constantly. Another great feature is that the feed stays dry and protected.
  • Easy to fill as the lid, once opened, stays in vertical position. When the lid is pressed down again, it automatically locks.
  • As the trough part of the feeder is made of plastic, the Feedomatic makes less noise! Metal on plastic makes less noise than metal on metal, therefore not spooking your hens as many all-metal feeders can do.
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Origin: Netherlands


When using the Feedomatic the feed is only accessible when your chickens stand on the treadle step. Mice, rats and birds will never gain access and thus cannot contaminate the feed or eat it. The Feedomatic protects your flock from dangerous diseases and saves you money on wasted feed. This treadle feeder is stable, easy to clean and splash-proof. It’s available in 25lb (10kg) or 40lb (20kg) capacity.

Pros: Feedomatic Automatic Treadle Feeder

  • Dry food at all times as a result of the treadle feeder’s splash-proof construction
  • No mold thanks to the plastic material and round edges
  • No spilling due to special shape and height-adjustable feeder bin
  • Prevents direct contact with pests because they cannot enter the feeder bin
  • Colorfast due to UV-resistant plastic

Proven concept finally perfect

Designed and produced in the Netherlands, the Feedomatic guarantees the highest quality. We’ve added some very reliable and trustworthy options to this proven concept. For instance, we’ve made the Feedomatic out of a combination of galvanized metal and plastic. The metal sheets have a thickness of 1mm, extraordinary for applications such as this, which makes it remarkably stable. Seams or cracks have no chance, because we use hypermodern metallurgy machinery. The plastic parts contain UV-resistant additives, making it durable in the sun. After years of intensive use, the Feedomatic will still be as strong as when just purchased.

The feeder itself is provided with partitions and a spill preventative edge that greatly reduces spilling. Another useful benefit; the use of plastic makes this automatic treadle feeder a lot more quieter than it’s competitors. Metal to plastic makes less noise than metal to metal, thus not spooking your hens.

The mechanism which controls the access to the feed trough can be precisely adjusted from 0.50lb up to 4.5lbs. This way the correct threshold weight can be set for poultry of any kind or size.

The treadle feeder can store large amounts of food. The feed can last for many days depending on the size of your flock without having to be refilled. A good rule of thumb is that an adult chicken can consume up to 0.25lb of feed per day.  And when it needs to be refilled, the Feedomatic once again sets itself apart. A fully opened lid stays open on its own, so both hands can be used to pour the food into the feeder. After closing it’ll lock automatically. Ideal and very effective.

The Feedomatic is the perfect solution for poultry lovers worldwide, who prefer to feed their flock and not the wild animals. The automatic treadle feeder is proven to be effective, hygienic, strong, precisely adjustable, has a long lifespan and looks amazing.

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25lbs, 40lbs

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