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ChickBox Lite Rollaway Single Nest Box, Purple

ChickBox Lite Rollaway Single Nest Box, Purple

  • Warm cozy environment to encourage hens to lay
  • Well ventilated
  • Adjustable perch
  • Curtain for reduced light transmission
  • Easy install
  • Easy clean (nest box can be removed from wall in seconds – no unscrewing required)
  • Optional roll out egg tray and clear flap to protect your eggs & easy egg collection


The ‘Chick Box Lite’ is the latest nesting box in the BEC range. This hugely innovative product is the perfect solution for effectively managing your flock. Our unique perch allows for poultry keepers to close the nesting area when required. The adjustable perch is also designed to encourage birds to perch on the non slip bar or to move into the nesting area. The nesting box is wall mounted on a custom made bracket, making installation and removal for cleaning very easy.

The Chick Box Lite is well ventilated, whilst also providing a warm cozy environment that will encourage hens to lay. The box is available with an optional roll out egg tray and clear flap. This will protect your eggs from being fouled, pecked and otherwise damaged. Making it very easy to check to see if there are eggs to collect (no more rooting around in bedding for eggs).

One of the major benefits of the Chick Box is the advantages it brings in fighting red mite, disease and bacteria in the nesting area.

The perch and roll out tray can be easily removed, making cleaning the nest box incredibly easy, saving hours of work and most importantly of all, hens love them.

Chick Box Lite Assembly Instructions – English

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions16 × 14 × 13 in
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