Bug-a-licious Premium Non-GMO Black Soldier Fly Grubs, USA Grown


  • 50x the calcium in mealworms! – Birds love to eat grubs and worms.  Bug-a-licious Black Soldier Fly (BSF) grubs are a natural calcium supplement for your poultry.  Calcium supports stronger egg shells.
  • Perfect for molting season – BSF grubs deliver a whopping 34% of crude protein for your birds.  Protein promotes feather growth and egg laying.
  • Grown in the USA! – You can trust in local American growers who raise the BSF under the highest standards of quality.
  • Nutritious snack – Great as a Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Guinea Feed Supplement; Hedgehog Snacks, Bearded Dragon / Lizard & Reptile Food, Turtle Treats.
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Bug-a-licious Premium Non-GMO Black Soldier Fly Grubs, USA Grown

Your family poultry flock will love this snack packed with protein from Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae.  You will love knowing these high protein treats are 100% produced in the USA for American chickens also high in calcium!

Feeding Instructions

Hand feed, sprinkle on the ground, or place in a dish, after complete feed as a natural, healthy, protein SNACK your chicks will LOVE so much they’ll come running for more! Always provide plenty of clean water.


Dried black soldier fly larvae

Guaranteed Analysis

34% Crude protein

2.2% Lysine (min)

7.0% Methionine (min)

32% Crude Fat (min)

15% Crude Fiber (max)

5.9% Calcium (min)

6.8% Calcium (max)

0.70% Phosphorus (min)

Made in the U.S.A.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in

1LB, 3LB, 10LB