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Baby Chick Drinker Bottle, 1L Green Drinker Cup Float Valve, Hinged Lid with Mounting Hanging Bracket

Baby Chick Drinker Bottle, 1L Green Drinker Cup Float Valve, Hinged Lid with Mounting Hanging Bracket

  • 1L/1Qt Green Drinker Bottle with Float Valve Cup for reliable poultry hydration
  • Crafted from frost-resistant PPC plastic tailored for baby chicks’ health
  • Hinged lid allows for easy refills, simplifying maintenance
  • Galvanized mounting bracket ensures durability and easy assembly
  • European quality leak-free semi-automatic drinker cup for clean and hygienic water
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Origin: Netherlands


Introducing our Baby Chick Drinker Bottle, a reliable solution crafted for your poultry’s hydration needs. This 1L Green Drinker Cup Float Valve comes with a hinged lid and a sturdy mounting hanging bracket, designed to offer convenience and efficiency.

Crafted from frost-resistant PPC plastic, this drinking bottle is specifically tailored for baby chicks, ensuring their optimal health and well-being. The hinged cover facilitates easy refills within the accommodation, simplifying maintenance tasks for you.

Featuring a galvanized mounting bracket, this drinking bottle is built to last. The addition of UV-resistant properties to the PPC plastic ensures color-fastness, maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time.

Our European quality leak-free semi-automatic drinker cup guarantees a clean and hygienic drinking experience for your babies. With a focus on providing always clean water, this drinking bottle prevents direct contact between the chick droppings and the water, ensuring superior hygiene standards.

Made in the Netherlands, this compact drinking bottle in white is versatile, suitable for various chick breeds and quail. The galvanized mounting bracket allows for easy assembly, catering to different accommodation setups effortlessly.

The robust construction of this drinking bottle, coupled with its leak-free design, minimizes wastage and keeps the litter clean and dry. Its durable materials and high-quality European float valve ensure longevity and reliability, promising years of trouble-free operation.

In addition to its practical features, this drinking bottle is incredibly easy to maintain. Should any leakage occur, a simple cleaning of the cup and valve typically resolves the issue, thanks to the extra firm plastic construction.

Built to withstand the elements, this drinking bottle is sun and frost-resistant, ensuring consistent performance regardless of weather conditions. Invest in the well-being of your animals with our dependable Baby Chick Drinker Bottle, a testament to European quality and innovation.

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 7 in
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