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Red Mite Prevention Kit for Chicken Coop Roost Perch

Red Mite Prevention Kit for Chicken Coop Roost Perch

  • The only total solution on the market
  • Natural and very effective way of fighting
  • Rotatable red mite trays so no dirt gets in
  • Includes long wall brackets and mounting material
  • Simple to attach
  • Made in the Netherlands
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Red mites are a major problem for the well-being of your poultry:

  • Red mites cause anemia. Sometimes even resulting in the death of chickens.
  • Red mites cause a reduced egg production.
  • Young birds are extra sensitive to red mites.

With the Anti Red Mite Kit you can easily solve this problem!

Red mites visit your chickens every night on the perch while they roost. The mites drink blood and return to their hiding place during the day.

This perch adapter prevents this. Thanks to the two trays, which you fill with oil (not included), the red mites cannot reach the perch.

A very effective and natural way to control them.

Rotating red mite trays and wall brackets
The kit consists of two rotatable trays. Because they can be rotated, they can be filled with oil very easily and there will be no mess. We have also added two long wall brackets with press nut and fixing material to the kit. It is very important that there is a minimum distance of 3-in between the perch and the wall of the henhouse. This is the only way to prevent the red mites from reaching the chickens.

Anti Red Mit Kit is easy to use
Attaching the Anti Red Mite Kit is easy. The rotating trays can be filled for three quarters with the oil of your choice. The oil will prevent the mites from reaching the chickens. It is important to check the trays regularly. If you see any red mites, it is wise to treat the rest of the henhouse as well. And of course you also want to make sure that there is always enough oil in the red mites trays. This way you can be sure that this natural way of fighting is very effective.

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