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Grandpa’s Chicken Feeder Review

Probably one of the most important backyard chicken supplies you can purchase, the Grandpa’s chicken feeder is the original automatic, metal treadle chicken feeder.

We’ve been promoting and selling this treadle chicken feeder for years.  And for good reason as it will save time, money and reduce waste.  It is easily one of the best poultry treadle feeders on the market today.  Our own customers give it 5 stars hands down.  The chickens love it too!

grandpas chicken feeder

Why Choose Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeder?

  1. It is durable, crafted of galvanized steel.  It comes just about fully assembled, with all nuts and bolts secured perfectly.  Unlike many of the other models that have to be fully assembled, you won’t have this falling apart after a few weeks of use.
  2. Prevents other animals, like wild birds, squirrels, rats, and wildlife from eating your expensive feed.  It is virtually a rat-proof poultry feeder.
  3. Less wasted feed means you’ll save more money.  Especially for those flock owners who understand and appreciate a good organic, Non-GMO feed.
  4. Protects your feed from the elements.  Waterproof – with the hinged lid only open while your chickens are feeding, it will keep your feed protected from the elements.
  5. Solid track record and warranty. The Grandpa’s Chicken Feeder has been a proven automatic poultry feeder in the market for over 20 years.  It comes with a hassle-free, 2 year money back guarantee.

Is Training Necessary?

You are probably wondering if your chickens will have difficulty learning how to use the feeder?  The feeders come with 2 training bolts to limit movement and instructions for their use: 2 settings with one week on each setting.  Start with keeping the lid open so your chickens can feed freely and learn where to eat.  Next, the lid is moved to halfway position, allowing your chickens to see the feed under the lid, but they must now step on the platform to lift the lid fully open, which gets them used to the lid opening.  Finally, allowing your chickens to step on the platform to open the lid.

treadle chicken feeder

What Size Chicken Feeder do I Need?

The Grandpa’s Feeder comes in two sizes: Standard and Large.

The Standard feeder will hold up to 20 lbs of feed and feed 6 chickens continuously up to 10 days.

The Large feeder will hold up to 40 lbs of feed and feed 12 chickens continuously up to 10 days.

A standard feeder can have 3 – 4 chickens eating together at one time, but can be easily be used to feed a flock. We recommend the standard feeder for flocks up to a dozen chickens.

A large feeder can have 4-5 chickens eating together at one time. Because of its larger capacity, we recommend the large feeder for flocks of a dozen or more birds.

Always keep plenty of clean drinking water available.

grandpas feeder

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