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Chicken Hen Saddle or Hen Apron by Hen Couture®

hen saddle

A hen apron or hen saddle is a piece of chicken apparel, worn for a temporary period of time, to prevent picking, rooster spur damage, aerial predator attacks, and for dress up! We are pleased to present our Hen Couture® brand hen saddles!

hen saddle apron

The design

Our Hen Couture® hen jackets are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind.  My Favorite Chicken® partnered up with Tara Grier of Fluffy Layers®, the creator of The Egg Collecting Apron®, to incorporate her beautiful farm girl inspired patterns so that your hens are protected and looking fabulous at the same time!

There are two elastic bands that allow for the saddle to be secured around the base of the wings and provide ultimate comfort without impeding on your chicken’s normal movement and activities.  The sides and length are perfect for standard size hens, providing coverage on the back down to the base of the tail feathers.  The breathable fabric is high quality and machine washable.

At the moment, there are three styles to choose from, and we are looking to come out with holiday themed saddles in the future so that your girls can dress for any occasion and always be on point!  The cute bow at the top and lower ruffles match in color and pattern.

Red – Roses, Roosters & Hens

Pink – Floral, Tulips & colorful Hens

Blue – Hearts, Roosters & Hens

hen couture hen apron

The purpose

Backyard chicken hen aprons or hen saddles can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Provides relief and protection of the back from pecking hens
  • Provides protection from a rooster’s spurs during breeding
  • Deters aerial predators from attacking
  • Attractive to look at and just plain fun to dress up your chickens!

Kathy Mormino, aka The Chicken Chick, has a nice article on hen saddles at her blog site: Chicken Saddles & Chicken Diapers.  She explains “when a chicken is injured in any way, the instinct of other chickens is to pick at the area, which can result in further injury and if not caught early enough, death.  The general rule is that injured chickens should be removed from the flock until healed, but with a chicken saddle, any injury to the back will be covered by the saddle, allowing the chicken to remain with the flock.”

You can find our Hen Couture® hen saddles available for sale here.

Soon, your hens will be protected and looking as gorgeous as Eloise below (head bow not included)

roosters hen saddle

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