Innovative Backyard Chicken Supplies

Sourced from the United States and around the World!

Mr. Peabody
Mr Peabody

About us

We are a distributor of specialty wholesale backyard chicken supplies sourced from the United States and abroad.

Our goal is to provide superior products popular among backyard poultry owners like ourselves.  We offer an outstanding customer experience, beyond the simple purchase. 

Howdy! I’m Mr. Peabody.

Mr. Peabody, our mascot, has a special message for all of our customers.  Please feel free to check out our online store and educational resources available.

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Our Products

Some of the popular brands we carry include Coop Defender™, Grubblies®, Grandpa’s Feeders, Little Farmer Products®, Hen Couture®, Scratch & Peck Feeds®, Standlee Forage® and our own line of My Favorite Chicken® products!

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Happy Chicken, Happy Customer

Absolutely worth the investment! I worked late nights and it's so nice not having to get up early to let the chickens out! I was presently surprised to find that one morning when the door froze shut it threw a code instead of continuing to pull and breaking the string. We have been recommending your product to every chicken lover we know!
chicken cape toon
Krysten M.
Mr Peabody